Processing strawberries


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Genius Hour comes to an end.

Genius Hour is finally over! It has been a lot of fun doing this project. Sorry that I could not post or insert a picture of my tri-fold. This will be my last post(unless I want to research MORE on food processing. If you want to use my blog as a source for a project feel free to do so. To summarize my point into 1 final sentence I would have to say: ALWAYS MAKE A HEALTHY CHOICE!

                                 Bye!!! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tri-fold organization

This is how I plan to organize my tri-fold.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weeks 8 and 9

Hi all, I know I haven't been posting lately and it is because I have not found time with all the things going on at school and my life at home. I decided to make a blog post worth 2 weeks of information in it so here I go.

First of all, as you know, I have started the work on my tri-fold. Today's post will mainly be about what people (or machines) use or do to process food.

To be honest. It's all done with some different kind of technology. 

Another way people process food is by using processing aids. Processing aids are some sort of practices with chemicals that somehow is supposed to make a fruit or vegetable more healthier. This is approved by the food and drug administration and the U.S. department of agriculture.

                                       A few examples of processing aids
                    -  washing fruits and vegetables with things like organic acids and chlorine.
                    -  Using Decoloring agent on food.
                    -  Using strengthening agent to strengthen dough.
                    -  Using sweeteners and pesticides on crops and fruit.

Well that's all all for today. I hope you learned something. Keep viewing for the latest news on food processing right on this blog! 

Info from:Processing Aids Used in Modern Food Production - IFIC Foundation - Your Nutrition and Food Safety Resource

Getting to work!

                                                              MY TRI-FOLD!!!!!!
This is how my tri-fold looks, I will start adding printed charts and information soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week 7

 So far I have talked about processed fish, fruits, and packaged foods but,.....what else is processed? Time to find out.

Artificial ingredients, grains, and vegetables are also processed! Of course artificial ingredients are processed  but grains and veggies, really? Anyway that's all for this week because I'm out of time. I'll fill you in soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week 6

Hi guys, as I promised I will talk(type) about how to identify and avoid processed foods.
       There is no actual way to identify processed food, but there still is a way to guess. Here are a few tips.

      -Try to avoid boxes, bags, and cans, obviously if it's been packaged it's been touched.
      -Stay away from almost anything white because it may have been bleached, natural foods that are white          on the inside like potatoes, onions, and rice is okay.
      -If a food has more that 5 natural ingredients on the label, the more ingredients=the more the food has            been processed.
      -"ose" is a meaning for sugar. If you find the prefix in one of the last 3 ingredients stay away because              sugar is very commonly processed.
These are all the tips I have to identify processed food. Hope you put them to good use!

Info from: 7 Tips to Avoid Processed Foods | ACTIVE

Monday, March 7, 2016

Breaking News!!!

Guess what.....The company Aqua Bounty is now processing salmon! Can you believe it? They said it's been genetically improved for eating. It grows in a tube and is fed unknown things and the U.S. drug administration actually approved of it! The fish grows twice as fast as a normal salmon.
It seems that the FDA has researched and studied the fish and they say that it is human and animal consumable, however there is very little research on long term safety for humans. (by the way they taste the same as normal salmon but are just bigger).

                                                                              -Info from TFK vol.6 No.14:Caught